Shaun Pettigrew


Shaun is a Film Director, Cinematographer, Photographer and Editor making award winning content for the South East Asian & Oceania region’s Television, Film & Advertising Industries. His ability in creating effective brand messages have kept him at the top of his game for clients such as Panadol, Agoda, IBM Global and Toyota Cars.

As an experienced & versatile filmmaker, Shaun has a unique documentary & interviewing style of brand story-telling that captures natural, intimate & cinematically beautiful stories about real inspirational people and their uniqueness in our communities.  Recognition for his work includes New Zealand Film Awards, Vienna Film Festival, Gold, Silver and Merits at Cannes, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, CCA, New Zealand, Spikes and Advertising Award Shows. Publications to-date include AC Publishing, the International Photography Awards, Wire magazine, Conde Nast publications, The UK Sunday Times, UK Guardian, D&AD Book, Shots Magazine, Communication Arts and Luerzer’s International Archive’s top 200 Photographers Worldwide.


His first full length directed feature film called ‘The Death and Resurrection Show’ is a music documentary on UK band ‘Killing Joke’ with rock legends ‘Jimmy Page’ and ‘Dave Grohl’. The film was purchased globally by the ‘Sundance TV Channel after playing major international film festivals, is considered to be one of the top music documentaries and has been described as stunning in its intensity and an outstanding musical biography.