Peter Clews


As a Director & Producer with over 20 years experience in TV & Film production in 3 continents, Peter has filmed in nearly every environment you can imagine, and a few that require a little explaining. On his very first job, he had to source 400 sprats & a mackerel from 100 miles away. Twice in 2 hours. He learnt fast. Peter went on to work on globally successful formats in London, LA and Auckland including Faking It, Wife Swap and Scrapheap Challenge.

Since that fishy start, Peter has produced many hours of TV, hundreds of commercials, content and promos. Over the last few years, he has also moved into directing TV, digital content and many other visual feasts. His background in factual television enables him to deliver authentic results with real talent although he is equally at home with a stylised approach for a nuanced script.

Peter still loves the journey of storytelling and he certainly loves a challenge or he wouldn't still be doing it.